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Monday, April 23, 2012

New and exciting times are upon us at Family by Family with the introduction of team coaching!

We loved seeing our sharing families every week for individual coaching and family dinners, but once we reached 13 sharing families in Marion it all became a bit too hectic for good learning and families rarely got to hear about each others link-ups. Instead we’re going to try teams of a few families and a Family Coach meeting each week, and just one big all family dinner every month.

Each team had heaps of suggestions for stuff they wanted to learn more about to help link-ups so we’re lining up exciting guests and visits, as well as time to learn from each other.

Every team has a totally unique plan that responds to what they really need. So far we’ve heard from Families SA and learned about autism, aspergers and what help is available from Autism SA. This week we’re visiting the Picket Fence, a local community centre, and learning about Buddhism.

Team coaching is also a great place for families to celebrate, share and get advice on their link-ups and hear inspiring stories and ideas of other link-ups.

So far team coaching has been a huge success so we’re hopeful it will go from strength to strength!

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