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Monday, May 21, 2012

kids coach out with some of the marion sharing kidsHi families!

I’m having trouble believing that I’ve been working at Family by Family for 6 months! That time has absolutely flown by and I’m really enjoying my work as the Kids Coach.

The change to Team Coaching has allowed me to begin to spend more time with families and work with them about stuff that matters to them. Rather than being a kids ‘expert’, I think my job has three main parts:

  1. To listen. One of things that I love most about Family by Family is that families get to work on things that matter to them. It’s my job to learn what works well for a family and what they want to get better.
  2. To gather. After listening to what a family wants, I then begin to put together a range of things that may help. This might be new strategies, a speaker at team coaching, a family activity, a great book or website etc.
  3. To share. Sharing the resources I’ve gathered with families, finding out what has been useful and what hasn’t is always valuable. I also want to find as many ways as possible for families to share their experiences, tips and ideas with each other. After all, families know families best!

So inline with the sharing part of my job I want to start blogging! My blog might be about something that we’ve talked about in team coaching or anything else that may help us to become more connected to our kids. Please take the time to leave your thoughts, I’d love for you to share your own experiences, ideas, or activities etc. The more you can do this, the more valuable this blog will be.

Keep watching this space!



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  1. Rachelle De-Wit says:

    Awesome!!!! Just love what family by family is bringing to the Playford community 🙂

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