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Our first outing

Friday, November 9, 2012

My family and I had been linked up with a lovely family that had recently arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka. This particular family wanted to know what Aussie families do together and what that looks like.

For our first meeting we decided to spend an afternoon at the park with lots of fun things to do together. We met with the family at their house and chose a park not far from them and walked there together. Just the walk was lots of fun he kids decided to ride bikes and scooters.

My son had recently had a birthday and got a massive Buzz Lightyear kite that we brought along, we had to put the kite together and all the kids had a go of helping. We both took along some food that we all sat down and shared, it was interesting to see the different foods that they brought!

Overall the day was really of fun! We played heaps of games that involved everyone having a go and working together. I think my family got just as much out of this day as the other family. After we had all had enough we took some lovely photos and made our way back to their house.

We had such a lovely  time and were excited for our next meeting. This meeting was really important because it helped us all get to now each other and see how each of our families work.

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