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Family by Family is growing!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thanks to new funding of $2.8m from the South Australian Government, Family by Family will be doubling in size over the next 12 months.

We held a huge family get-together at Glandore Community Centre last Sunday to celebrate – there were lots of pancakes, some great games and activities for the kids, and we even managed to get Premier Jay Weatherill involved in a tug o’ war.

Both the Premier and the Minister for Education and Child Development Jennifer Rankine are extremely supportive of Family by Family, and were pleased to join us in our celebrations – the Premier has described the program as a fantastic innovation.

“What I love about it is that it’s so positive,” he said. “It starts with the idea that every family has strengths … and the way it builds on those strengths is to look at the strengths of other families in the same community and get them to work together.”

Some families were even featured on Channel Nine News:

We’re absolutely thrilled to know that Family by Family will continue to grow bigger and better over the coming years. Already we’ve seen some amazing changes in people’s lives – families really are the best resource we can provide for other families.

“You don’t need much to be going wrong in your life to feel you can’t cope,” said the Premier.

“And in the same way, you don’t need much of a helping hand to turn that around.”

If you know of a family in the Marion or Playford areas who could use a helping hand, or who might be willing to share their experience with another family, please contact us.

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