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Enabling change with Aboriginal Families and Services

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We noticed that something about Family by Family wasn’t clicking for Aboriginal families. Other services in the north of Adelaide also talked to us about how they were struggling to help Aboriginal families make change.

So we’ve spent the last few months hanging out with Aboriginal families to see how Family by Family can work best for them and support the changes they want to make.

From spending time with Aboriginal families (as well as some workers they knew, and our Family by Family team) we learnt some good lessons. Our aim is to make Family by Family awesome for all families, and be nice and frank about what we’re doing to work better with Aboriginal families.

We have written a report on this to share some of our learning and make it clear what we are are going to do.

So here some things we’re doing in Family by Family to make it better for Aboriginal families:

  • Trying out different ways for Family by Family coaches to understand what’s important to each Aboriginal family they work with- including ways to talk about culture and history
  • Testing ways of talking about change and setting goals with Aboriginal families. Up until now, we’ve just had one way in Family by Family. We want to learn if there are other ways that could work for different families
  • Working much more closely with the Aboriginal community in northern Adelaide, so Family by Family earns trust and confidence
  • Changing our materials so they reflect the all the families who are part of Family by Family
  • Talking about Aboriginal families who are making the changes they want to make to families, services and government, to shake things up a bit
  • Sharing the way we measure change in Family by Family with other services and their staff

Like most of families we meet, Aboriginal families we spent time with liked lots of parts of Family by Family. That it was about choosing what you wanted to change, that you decide who you link up with, that it’s not another service.

We’re looking forward to working with heaps more Aboriginal families, and doing whatever it takes to make Family by Family awesome for them.

If you would like to know more, download the full report.

If you are interested in the project or getting involved please get in touch with us.

We did this work with the support of DCSI, Northern Connections.

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