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Meeting families in Mount Druitt

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Julie getting to know the locals in Mount Druitt

My name is Julie Hinder, and I’ve recently joined Family by Family as a Family Coach.

What an awesome two weeks I have had meeting families in Mount Druitt! These families kindly invited our staff into their homes so that we could get a realistic, grassroots view of this wonderful community.

We have heard some exciting and creative things that these families love about Mount Druitt and some of the great facilities, activities and programs that are offered here. I’m excited to get to know them better and am also looking forward to meeting new families in the future.

During this time I was also very fortunate to hang out with some local volunteers from Mount Druitt. They really do make a difference to people’s lives and it highlights the continuing need to support the disadvantaged among us. Good work guys!

I’m really looking forward to having our first Sharing and Seeking Families on board soon.

Julie meets local service providers in Mount Druitt

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  1. Elise says:

    Thanks Brett, great to hear!

  2. Brett Henman says:


    my name is Brett Henman and I am currently study youth work at Mt Druitt tafe. Today I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle at a lecture about your awesome service. Sitting with a number of students from the class, we were all in agreed that this is the best idea/service we have come across. This would have to be the closest thing to rebuilding the community I have ever come across. Great work!

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