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Welcome to Mount Druitt

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My name’s Angela and I’m a Family Coach based in Mount Druitt. As a local, I’m excited to be welcoming the team here – I’ve lived in Mount Druitt for 24 years with my growing family which consists of my partner, my daughter who is 26, my son who’s 16, and my two grandchildren who are two years old and three months old.

What a great time of celebration! Family by Family has been in Mount Druitt for just over two months and we have met and spoken to 60 people – getting ideas of where they like to go in Mount Druitt, and what they like to do. The whole aim of this first scoping period is to get to know families; find out what family life is like here in Mount Druitt and to learn as much as we can about the area. We’ve had dinner with 25 families, which has been fantastic! The willingness of people to allow us to come into their homes and to share their lives with us is amazing. Families have had a real voice, which will shape the way Family by Family is delivered here. It’s important that what we do really works for people in this local context, it’s not just a matter of taking what was done in South Australia and doing the exact same thing in New South Wales.

We’ve also met 45 service providers at a lunch we held, and have been to 26 of them to learn what we can from their experience. The response has been very positive with many services inviting us to meet with their families. Mount Druitt doesn’t have a program like this so we are filling the gap nicely, while also complementing the great work others are already doing. The next stage is having dinners with our potential Sharing Families. Then before we know it we will be on camp. Yeah! I look forward to keeping you posted.


Angela with her family

Angela with her daughter and grandchildren in Mount Druitt

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