Family by Family

We want to see all families thrive not just survive

Information for services

Family by Family finds and coaches families who have been through tough times and come out the other side. These families link up with families who have something they would like to change.

We call the families who want things to change Seeking Families and the families who support them Sharing Families. The professionals who guide and challenge family pairs are called Family Coaches. The Family Coaches motivate, prompt, and problem-solve with family pairs, rather than assess, diagnose, or direct change.


Seeking Families, Sharing Families and Coaches come together through six types of interactions:

Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I refer a family to Family by Family?

Family by Family is designed to be opt-in and family driven. We prefer to hear directly from families who want to get involved – by coming along to our free family events, by texting, emailing, calling, facebooking, or asking someone to get in touch on their behalf.

We realise that sometimes this isn’t possible. If you know a family that would really benefit from a link up and you want to let us know about them you can use our connect a family here.

Q: What are Family by Family’s eligibility requirements?

We work with families who want something to change, and are willing to put time and energy into making that happen. Family by Family is for all kinds of families. We don’t use labels like ‘at-risk’ or ‘disadvantaged’.

We are starting to learn which families Family by Family prompts the most change for. We find that families who are isolated or overcoming challenging or traumatic times gain lots from Family by Family.

Q: What happens once a family gets in touch with Family by Family?

The first thing that happens is that one of our coaches will arrange a face-to-face chat with interested families in their homes. The coach will bring along loads of photos to help families see how Family by Family works. Then, we work with the family to create their profile. Think dating website, rather than a formal assessment.

Profiles ask families about their interests, personalities, and the kinds of stuff they’d like to do in future. We also try to name what it is families would like to change. Once families have a profile, we show them profiles of sharing families they might get on with. Families choose which sharing families they’d like to link up with.

Q: How else can my service engage with Family by Family?

Family by Family offers workshops, presentations and ‘non-professional’ development for service providers. We say non-professional development because we believe services have lots to learn with and from families. Please get in touch if you want to explore how Family by Family can help shape the ways in which your service engages families.

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