Family by Family

We want to see all families thrive not just survive

Karen Lewis, SA Operations Manager

Karen Lewis

I have spent many years working with families, kids and young people, the aged and people with disabilities – in the corporate world, community sector and not-for-profits. I have always been passionate about working directly with people and their communities, helping them to make a difference in their lives.

The mantra of Family by Family, ‘We want all families to thrive, not just survive!’ and ‘Building on family strength rather than deficits’ means a lot to me. As a worker I have seen so many individuals and families fall through the cracks of mainstream services. I used to say to myself, ‘If only families had something to help them along the way – a helping hand, not a hand out’. Now I have the opportunity to do just that.

The position of Operations Manager is an opportunity for me to return to what I love, utilise all the social work and management skills I have accumulated over the years, and take it to the next step. To be a part of an innovative, developing program; to be the glue that helps hold it all together so that the dream of Family by Family can continue to grow.

When not working, I enjoy cooking, travelling (or dreaming of travelling), photography, op-shopping and spending time with friends and family – which includes my three cats (my “furry children”), Aningan, Charlie and Namir.

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