Group family image with Glen, Jasmine and three children

Jasmine, Glen & family

Sharing Family

Jasmine, Glen and their kids have been a sharing family with Family by Family for 6 and a half years. They love learning about community and meeting new people. They are active members of the Northern Collective Impact where they feel like they can contribute to making real change in their community.

They value respect and equality and feel it is important to value people’s contributions. They love being a part of Family by Family and supporting families to thrive. Their family strengths are being inclusive, non-judgemental and just getting out and doing.

As a family they enjoy going camping, music and spending time together.

Is your family going through tough times and seeking change? Or maybe you've come out the other side and want to share your experience to other families. We'd love to hear from you.

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Our Family Coaches help match families and keep the link up focused on change. Coaches provide ideas, support and trouble-shooting when needed and coach Sharing Families weekly to support change.