Leanne Evans - Family Coach - South & West Adelaide

Leanne Evans

Family Coach – South & West Adelaide

Leanne Evans completed her Life Coaching training in 2010. She has also raised a child with mental and chronic health issues and is a survivor of domestic violence, bringing lived experience and understanding to her role as a Family Coach. Leanne began working with Family by Family in 2010 as Family Coach in South Australia’s Southern suburbs and currently works across the South/Western area.

During her time with Family by Family she has also contributed significantly in the co-design process through the scoping and implementation of new sites across South Australia. With qualifications in Narrative Therapy and Child and Adult Trauma, her practice is guided by skill and empathy.

Having spent previous years as a hairdresser listening to people’s stories, she understands the importance of the shared journey. Her passion and drive is as a facilitator for others, so that they can have access to opportunities for the best life possible.

Leanne knows well that ‘small wins’ can make a difference, and that it is important to set achievable goals to make life’s journey easier, which together with her love of people is evident in the way she approaches every day in her role.