A beautiful letter from one of our sharing kids


I’m Ruhina and I am a sharing kid in Playford. Family by Family to me is a great experience because the program helps people from the community to learn how to make better friendship skills.

Throughout my time in Family by Family I have gained a lot of skills. For example I learnt how to help my parents with making new friends. My siblings enjoy this community group because they have had a lot of time learning new games, and they just enjoy coming to the meetings.

Family by Family have a lot of responsible staff and they are very kind and helpful. They show a lot of great attitude and are great role models.

In my opinion, Family by Family is a great way to interact with people you want to help who are going through their lives. Its great seeing people in this world smile and have fun! Family by Family is a great way to achieve this.

Ruhina Leey Zafari.