About us

Our vision is to see all Australian families thrive, not just survive.

Thriving families are moving towards what they want: they try new things, plan for the future, connect family members to new opportunities, and offer positive feedback and mutual support.

Photo of smiling mother with toddler

Our model

Family by Family is a home grown model, co-designed with families for families. It leverages the lived experiences of families and couples this with proven social theory and evidence based practice, to create confidence, self-agency and resilience for all families engaged.  Families attest to the program’s ability to shift the negative effects of intergenerational disadvantage.

The model can be adapted to ensure cultural competency, safety and respect for Aboriginal and culturally and linguistically diverse families.

Our coaches

The Family Coach is there as the custodian of the professional knowledge embodied in Family by Family. They remain in the background, and keep both Seeking and Sharing Families strongly focused on the change they’re aiming to create.

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Implementing Family By Family

The Family by Family program is designed to be delivered through a network of providers so that more families across Australia and around the world can gain the skills and confidence to change their lives.

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