Front cover of 'Creating Family by Family' report

Creating Family by Family

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation set up our team to solve big, social problems.

Our problem? Too many families-in-crisis, interfacing with state systems, and too few families thriving.

Our process? A design + policy process which works with people to reset outcomes, co-design ideas, prototype solutions, and build the case for scale.

Our resources? A social worker / systems insider, a designer, a sociologist, a city in South Australia, a child protection system, a centre for social innovation, and families of all shapes and sizes.

Our timeline? 9 months to develop solutions with families, and the structure to take it all to scale.

Our status? It’s now month 4 and we’re about to prototype Family by Family. Our concept to enable family thriving. Here’s what the past four months have looked like…

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