Heidi and her daughter

Heidi’s story

I arrived in Australia eight years ago with my seven-year-old daughter and met Family by Family three months after my arrival. Family by Family have had a massive impact on our lives, they started our connection into the community and have helped formulate the future we now have. The influence on my daughter and her growth into a beautiful young woman has been immense. She is a great leader, has empathy and the ability to make friends very quickly.

During my eight years at Family by Family I met people from, India, Germany, Australia, China, Afghanistan, Brazil, Mongolia, Kenya, Egypt and Iran. I learnt so much from all these families and most importantly I learnt how being myself and not the perfect Mum, meant I had more to share. I learnt about real Australian life and how to receive as well as give.

I had so many trainings, many coaching sessions and achieved so many goals. I went to new places, libraries, playgroups, community centre’s, swimming lessons, playgroups and schools. I have tried new things, tasted new foods, I met great families and amazing coaches. I also had the opportunity to travel 3 times to Mexico with the grant monies that I received for my time with Family by Family. I saved all this money and it has made such a difference to us being able to settle into Australia and still have a connection with my family back home.

It has been my honour and I’m grateful to Family by Family for giving my family purpose and satisfaction that we would not have had without Family by Family. I now start the next chapter of our lives going on to study my Masters here in Australia.

My Family would not have the purpose and satisfaction it had without this “Incredible Movement of LOVE” that it is…Family by Family.