Simone, part of a Sharing Family

Simone’s message to new sharing families

My family and I have been a sharing family for just under a year. After my son and I attended camp we went straight into coaching which was great but also a little daunting as I didn’t really know what to expect but I found the others in my group super friendly and happy to answer any questions I had.

Once I started coaching I was really keen to put into practice what I had learnt at camp, so I found it really frustrating waiting for a link up. Having said that looking back it was good in a way that I didn’t go straight into a link up as it gave my family and I time to hear other sharing families experiences, how they dealt with the highs and lows of helping their seeking families and it also gave us time to work on our own bubble.

When I found out we had our first link up I was so excited! Leanne gave me a bit of this family’s background before our first meeting. This meeting went well and I left it with my mind over flowing with ideas on how to help this family reach their goals. After this initial meeting I tried for a week to get into contact with this family, only to receive a text telling me that they no longer wished to continue the link up. It was really hard not to take personally and wasn’t the start of my FbyF journey that I had in mind.

My second link up came after another wait. This time my family was linked up with an Afghan family. This link was challenging for several reasons, language barrier and cultural differences. Phone conversations were always very short as we couldn’t understand each other and catch ups were often cancelled due to her home duties. Having said this, some of this family’s goals were met. Their beautiful daughters became more confident and the mum’s English improved!

It was another break before my current link up started. During this break a few little of life’s hiccups came my way, but we got through them with the support of the wonderful F by F coaches and some other sharing families. This break was good for our family as it gave us time to reflect on where we were headed as a family unit as well as individual goals.

My family and I are currently in our 3rd link up. This current link up has been and is continuing to be challenging on a whole new level. This family over the past 7 weeks have made such wonderfully positive changes however they are now facing a big hurdle which is taking its toll on all family members and will take some time to sort out.

Simone with Ben, Billy, Ava and Charlotte

Being a sharing family has been such a positive experience for all of my family. My son has shown the most amazing empathy and understanding as well as trying to be a great role model to the children in our link ups. All 3 of my children have made some great friends not only with our link up families but also with sharing families.

My husband and I have made lifelong friendships with other sharing families and with our coaches. These friendships see us reach our goals, seeing us through lives curve balls and helping us help our seeking families.

Link ups can be challenging but they are also really rewarding. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. We all are there to support and help each other.


My son Billy’s thoughts

It feels good to help other families that need help. I have made lots of new friends. I think it’s good being apart of F by F because you get to meet lots of new friends and do cool stuff.