Family image of Leticia and Charlie

Leticia and Charlie

Sharing Family

Leticia and Charlie joined Family by Family in 2017. Leticia heard about Family by Family through her studies, and loved the idea of her and Charlie being able to give back and help others as a family.

Leticia and Charlie value treating other with respect, treating people equally and honesty. They enjoy making the most of life and getting out and having fun. Leticia and Charlie enjoy going up to their family farm, going to the park and catching up with family and friends.

Is your family going through tough times and seeking change? Or maybe you've come out the other side and want to share your experience to other families. We'd love to hear from you.

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Our Family Coaches help match families and keep the link up focused on change. Coaches provide ideas, support and trouble-shooting when needed and coach Sharing Families weekly to support change.