Photo of May, Khalid and their family

May, Khalid & family

Seeking & Sharing Family

May and Khalid immigrated with their children to Australia from Iraq. They first became a Seeking family as they wanted assistance to learn more about Australian Culture. They then wanted to give back to the community and became a Sharing family with Family by Family 3 years ago.

They feel it’s very important for them to be a part of the Australian community as this is where they have made their home. May set up a Multicultural women’s group in 2013 in her Local Council to help other women who feel isolated have a community.

“I feel that I can give more and learn more when I’m with Family by Family. Before I was isolated and didn’t know anything about Australian culture. It has given me more confidence and given my young daughters’ more confidence socialising outside the family.”

As a family, May, Khalid and their children work with many new arrival seeking families each year to share their knowledge of culture and systems. They are a fun loving, happy and friendly family and they enjoy meeting people from all cultures.

Is your family going through tough times and seeking change? Or maybe you've come out the other side and want to share your experience to other families. We'd love to hear from you.

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Families are our biggest asset. Our Sharing Families have ‘been there, done that’ and are now thriving with more ups than downs.

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